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A Smooth Transition from Summe…

As summer winds down and parents are preparing their kids for back-to-school season, it can be a challenge to get into the classroom mindset. After weeks of summer camp, playing outdoors, travel, and no schoolwork to speak of, it’s almost time to swap the beach balls for books.

If you’re concerned about the transition, these items below will help you get your child into the school spirit without spoiling the remainder of the summer. School is just as exciting than the summer months off…especially if you say so!

Book Bags and School Supplies

You’ll surely need some school supplies and perhaps a new book bag or backpack. Even if your child’s school doesn’t require that you provide your own supplies, there’s always something new you can pick up, even if it’s just a box of pencils or a set of colorful erasers. A fresh start makes starting school special.

If it’s time for a new schoolbag, you can find one at nearly any price, from budget-friendly to over-the-top trendy. Get something age- and size-appropriate, preferably something well-made and sturdy that can be used all year and beyond. There’s always the hand-me-down option as well, making use of a gently-used bag for a student in need.

First-Day Outfit

No matter their age or style, your child will want to look great and feel confident for that first day back. Pick out clothing in advance with input from your child and your final approval.

If you have a brand-new outfit, that is always exciting, but something they have already can be just as flattering. Be sure the clothing is comfortable, breathable, and fits well. Same goes for footwear. If your child’s school requires a mask, remember to include one as part of the first-day fashion.



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